Branfil Primary School 27-10-18

Today, the 27th September 2018, two members of the Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Society went along to Branfil Primary School in Upminster to talk to the year 6 children about the war years relating to the role RAF Hornchurch played during the Battle of Britain and the civilians living on the Home Front.

The two pictures come from the brilliant local wartime history book called ‘Hitler V Havering’ by Peter Watt. The incident relates to Branfil School’s wartime history.

On the morning of the 4th February 1944 a German bomb fell directly in the centre of Cedar Avenue, Upminster. The ARP wardens post just inside the grounds of the School, as well as the bungalows all around were damaged during the explosion, this incident also resulted in Mr Frank Garwood the local ARP warden tragically losing his life.